Photo of child creating art collage

Burlington City Arts Programs

Burlington City Arts (BCA) has served the community as a department of the City of Burlington and as an independent not-for-profit organization for 25 years. Our vision is to fuse a dynamic relationship between the arts and community, to nurture creativity and imagination, and to ignite a passion for learning through the arts. We run a number of programs in both Memorial Auditorium and at the Firehouse Center for the Visual Arts, and have established the Firehouse Gallery as one of the few exhibition spaces in the state dedicated to showcasing contemporary art. The Firehouse Center for the Visual Arts provides a venue for collaboration between BCA and our many partners, from educational institutions to businesses and social services. Through these collaborative relationships, we bring a variety of different groups together under the umbrella of the arts, including children from socially and economically diverse neighborhoods, social services clients, Head Start children and their families, refugees and recent immigrants, and senior citizens. Like many arts organizations, our efforts are designed to make the arts all-inclusive, with a particular emphasis on underserved individuals. Coupled with our commitment to accessibility, the Firehouse Center for the Visual Arts enables us to present a variety of unique art experiences that set us apart from other art centers across the country and cement Burlington’s reputation as one of America’s most livable cities for the arts.