Press Releases

For Immediate Release—Joseph Campanella Cleary New Artist-in-Residence at the Firehouse Center for the Visual Arts


For Immediate Release—Firehouse Gallery Receives Grant from Andy Warhol Foundation


For Immediate Release—2009 Barbara Smail Award Winner Announced


For Immediate Release—Call To Artists – Seven Below Artist-in-Residence Program

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For Immediate Release—Tibetan Documentary Film and Discussion at the Firehouse Center


For Immediate Release—Artist Delivers a 24 Hour-Long Performance at Firehouse Center as Part of National Group on New Year’s Eve


For Immediate Release—Firehouse Gallery Call To Artists


For Immediate Release—BCA Kicks off Quadricentennial Celebrations With Firehouse Gallery Exhibition

Captions (Veiled Lineage)

For Immediate Release—David Kearns New Artist-in-Residence at the Firehouse Center

For Immediate Release—Two Exhibitions Featuring 14 Vermont Artists and Himalayan Flags at the Firehouse Center

Captions (Exposure: Studio Show II )

For Immediate Release—Fletcher Allen Call to Artists

FAHC Call to Artists

For Immediate Release—Carol MacDonald: Cast On, Bind Off


For Immediate Release—Jay Craven to Produce Burlington's Champlain Quadricentennial

For Immediate Release—Punk House

For Immediate Release—New Firehouse Gallery Curator and BCA Assistant Director

For Immediate Release—Battery Park Concert Series 2008

For Immediate Release—Festival of Fools

For Immediate Release—Hiroshima-Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Exhibition

For Immediate Release—Re-Figure

For Immediate Release—Summer 2008 Seven Below Artist Residencies Announced

For Immediate Release—Elusive Truths

For Immediate Release—ARTworksHERE

For Immediate Release—Amy Caron:Waves of Mu

For Immediate Release—Sedimentary Emergence

For Immediate Release—Barbara Smail Award Winner Announced

For Immediate Release—Jennifer Koch

For Immediate Release—Decked Out

For Immediate Release—Location Shifts

For Immediate Release—Main Street Median

For Immediate Release—Street Performers 2007

For Immediate Release—Traffic Control Boxes

For Immediate Release—Wes Disney

For Immediate Release—Liminal Engagement

For Immediate Release—Graphic Havoc


“Vt. Gets Gifts from Top Pop Artist” WCAX-TV, January 2009

“Jennifer Koch - In and Outside the Box” Seven Days, January 2008

“An Iconic American Artist ‘Pops’ Up in Two Local Exhibits” Seven Days, November 2007

“The Art Of Snowboarding” WCAX-TV, November 2007

“Artists Take Over Former Phish HQ” Seven Days, October 2007

“Dance Dance Revolution” Seven Days, September 2007

“Phish's Legacy Inspires New Artists” WCAX-TV, July 2007

“Biggest Picture” Seven Days, August 2007

“Burlington Arts Community Gives Disney His Due” Seven Days, May 2007

“Burlington Street Performers in the Spotlight” WCAX–TV, August 2007

“Can Public Art Thwart Vandals?” WCAX–TV, August 2007

“Public Art Pops Up in Burlington” WCAX–TV, August 2007

“Art Plays a Part in the Healing Process” WCAX–TV, August 2007

“Local art creates calm in FAHC hallways” Burlington Free Press, August 2007

“Downtown Burlington Hops” Champlain Business Journal, August 2007

“Size Matters” Seven Days, February 2007