Volunteer Highlight

In the fall of 2005, BCA partnered with Jager Di Paola Kemp Design (JDK) to create the Mentor Arts Collaborative, which pairs local youth from Edmunds Middle School with staff members from JDK to meet weekly in a group mentor setting to facilitate creativity. Volunteer & JDK staff member Coby Brownell helped to spearhead this program and returned in 2006 to continue assisting with the organization and planning of the program. He brings to every meeting incredible enthusiasm and energy, which spreads throughout the group. Not only is Coby an invaluable presence, he clearly cares about his mentee, as every week he brings him art books that appeal to his interests and encourages him to explore his own interest in art and his abilities. Without Coby, the Mentor Arts Collaborative would not exist. He is a true believer and supporter of mentoring. One can tell by viewing his interactions that he is indeed dedicated to mentoring and to ensuring that the program is a success.