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Firehouse Gallery / Art Sales and Leasing

Burlington City Arts has long-standing relationships with artists throughout the state of Vermont and beyond. As a non-exclusive advocate for the arts, BCA has the opportunity to broker artwork from unlimited sources.

We see the procurement of artwork as much more than simply "decorating" your building. Artwork unifies physical spaces and creates a sense of emotion and place. Our team of curators has extensive experience handling and installing all types of artwork in a variety of settings.

Our corporate art program comprises a collections database of artists and samples of their work. From this database, clients can choose to purchase or to lease artwork. The leasing program is available to clients who have publicly available space with room to exhibit. The work can be chosen either by the client or by our curatorial staff who then design the client's space and install work on a rotating basis.

For more information, contact Jessica Dyer.

Maltex Building Exhibition

Thru mid April 2007
Group show:
Larry Broder – photography
Kristina Drobny – photography
Jane Horner – painting
Jim Rathmell – photography
Jill Madden – painting
H Keith Wagner - sculpture (shown above)
Location: Maltex Building

SEABA Folio Project

Thru mid April 2007
Works on paper
Location: Maltex Building