Location Shifts

September 21–October 27, 2007
Christa Erickson, Kathy Marmor, Paul Vanouse
Today, the concept of “location” is no longer tied to a specific place. Globalism has expanded our understanding of location by making distances shorter, dissolving boundaries, and interconnecting politics and economies. The interactive projects by artists Christa Erickson, Kathy Marmor, and Paul Vanouse, in this exhibition ask, how do we as individuals, traverse between the specific and the general? Erickson’s piece Search is an intimate reflection on migration. Vanouse’s Active-Stimulation Feedback Platform uses global simulations to destabilize a projection of continents. Marmor exposes a fluid power dynamic in surveillance by superimposing an actual network of overhead satellites with the viewer’s physical path through her installation. Each work entices the viewer to physically interact with it. By involving the body, the artists shift our location, calling attention to the fact that we are participating actors in this constantly shifting world.

Location Shifts is supported in part by a grant from the Vermont Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Current hours:Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 12–5pm,
Thursday–Saturday, 12–8pm, Closed Monday
Location: Firehouse Gallery

Opening Reception

Friday September 21, 5–8pm
Location: Firehouse Gallery